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Who holds the responsibility to protect? And who is to be protected?

Lucke Glanville argues in his recent Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect (2014) that this responsibility dates back from the 16th and 17th centuries. However, a good number of scholars believe that the first “humanitarian intervention” took place in Bulgaria … Continue reading

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¿Qué tienen que ver la jurisdicción universal y el impago argentino?

Hay un argumento recurrente contra la jurisdicción universal: Al dotar a los jueces del poder de investigar y procesar independientemente del lugar de comisión del delito o de la nacionalidad del agresor o de la víctima, coloca al gobierno en … Continue reading

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¿Por qué prohibir la tortura si vamos a seguir torturando?

La semana pasada, el Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos condenó a Polonia por permitir en su territorio interrogatorios y retenciones secretas de la CIA en el marco de la llamada “Guerra contra el Terror”. Según la agencia Reuters, un portavoz … Continue reading

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What human rights norms do Western European countries promote? #TimeToAct

William Hague and Angelina Jolie are hosting a global summit in London to put an end to sexual violence in conflict (follow #TimeToAct). In June 2013, Madrid hosted the 5th world conference on (against) death penalty. It was organised by … Continue reading

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When could I start considering the possibility of anti-homeless spikes?

These spikes were installed in the entrance of a luxury block of flats in South London. Somebody took the picture and sparked a rapid reaction on social media. Both the local Council and the Mayor of London urged the owners … Continue reading

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UN bodies insist: Human rights have extraterritorial effects

The United States and the Vatican have recently been criticised by three UN committees for the very same reason: Because both States refuse to accept that their human rights obligations have effects beyond their national borders. In February, the UN … Continue reading

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What matters in the EU debate? Numbers, authorship or content?

I attended yesterday an event organised by the European Institute of the LSE. The title was: “European Parliament Elections: What is at stake?” The speakers were Stuart Wheeler, UKIP treasurer, Maurice Fraser and Sara Hagemann, from LSE, and Mark Leonard, … Continue reading

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