A plea to save America and Americans

1 in 7 Americans live in poverty (for the mere purpose of this post, I adopt the conventional US standard of poverty, meaning, anything below $22,400 for a family of four), 1 in 5 American children live in poverty, 1 in 3 African-American and Latino children live in poverty. Women in the US have the highest risk of dying in childbirth of any high-income OECD country, and black women are almost 4 times more likely to die than white women. A total of 47 million people live below the poverty line in the United States of America, more people than the whole of the population of Spain. From 1980 to 2005, more than 80 percent of the total increase of the economy went to the top 1% of Americans. And things are getting worse and worse. Let’s just take the case of Denver Metropolitan Area (2.5-3 million inhabitants approximately). Household income has dropped since the beginning of the current crisis in 2008. As usual, those at the bottom are the ones that suffer the most. African-Americans saw a decline of 23% their income. The median income for Hispanic households is 69% of the overall median, and Black households was 54% of the overall median. 20% of the Denver Metro population have no health insurance.

The United States of America is closely examined by the rest of the world. Governments all over the planet adopt their policies based on American policies (‘if the US does it, why not me?’). The US is (still, we could say) a/the hegemonic power. The US must preach with the example. The US must not forget the ‘freedom from want‘ FDR spoke about. More than ever, Americans need now social rights and economic justice. There is no shortcut to save America and its people.

Koldo Casla


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