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Five human rights panels at #AmnestyICM, 18-22 August 2013

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One full year putting human rights in context

It has now been a year since this blog saw the light. On 9 November 2010, we explained the point of this project in these terms: The human rights community must contextualise human rights. This demands the use of the … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl hangover: Who said the US supports democracy abroad?

A few days ago, somebody (an American citizen herself) asked in class: “Why does the US support democracy abroad?” After some discussion back and forth (American citizens all of them) about liberal institutionalist and neocon arguments that would justify an … Continue reading

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Victory in Egypt: The fight for social rights at the core of the fight for democracy

After 18 days of revolution, Mubarak has resigned today. Time will tell the specifics about when elections will be held, about how the military will lead the transition, how this shift will affect the process in Middle East… Nonetheless, this … Continue reading

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