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Human rights and the financial crisis in focus: some thoughts after a meeting in Vienna

Last Monday I took part in an “expert meeting on promoting a rights-based approach to financial regulation and economic recovery”. The meeting took place at the UN office in Vienna and it was co-hosted by the OHCHR and the Center … Continue reading

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Importance is not enough

Yesterday, the European Ombudsman (that is, the Ombudsman of the European Union) issued a press statement under the following headline: “Ombudsman investigates whether the Commission should do more to combat increased bee mortality”. The statement said: According to the complainant, … Continue reading

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Alegato en defensa de la Defensoría

El gigante Mercado no termina de fiarse de España. Ya no basta con medidas draconianas del Gobierno central. Aprovechando la coyuntura de las recientes elecciones locales y autonómicas, y mientras el FMI y la Unión Europea aprietan un poco más … Continue reading

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