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Los vuelos de Morales no son como los de la CIA

Hace dos días Italia, Francia, Portugal y España bloquearon su espacio aéreo al presidente boliviano Evo Morales cuando volaba de vuelta a su país tras una cumbre en Moscú. Según la información periodística, cuando el avión presidencial se aproximaba al … Continue reading

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Spot the differences between these two constitutional courts

In its ruling of 12 September 2012, the German Constitutional Court approved the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and the Fiscal Compact, which envisages the possibility that a country’s budget could be controlled by the European Union if the budget didn’t … Continue reading

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What comes after Democracy?

German Chancellor Merkel and French President Sarkozy are trying hard to reassure investors they can rely on Europe. They announced today their plans to rebuild the European Union. They’ll both meet up early next week to discuss their ideas about … Continue reading

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Democratic legitimacy

Prime Minister José Sócrates resigned a few days ago right after the Portuguese Parliament rejected his austerity plans. As a result, new elections will be held in June. Sócrates’s resignation has provoked the last institutional turmoil in Europe: Portugal has … Continue reading

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