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Against the criminalisation of foreign fighters with the discourse of terrorism

Last week, interior ministers of the 15 countries sitting at the UN Security Council met to discuss foreign fighters. They did so as part of the follow-up of Resolution 2178 (2014), which defines foreign fighters as people “who travel or attempt … Continue reading

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Cuatro pensamientos sobre el ataque a Charlie Hebdo

Hay clases y clases, también cuando hablamos de terrorismo. Los delincuentes fueron deliberadamente contra los periodistas y humoristas de Charlie Hebdo, un medio conocido por su vocación de burlarse de todo y de todos, aunque las más conocidas sean sus … Continue reading

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“The resilience of the human rights norm in an era of counter-terrorism”, by Salma Yusuf

READ THE ARTICLE HERE This article seeks to explore the tensions arising from the interaction between human rights and counter-terrorism and contribute to the debate on the feasibility of sustaining the former in such trying situations as the latter through … Continue reading

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Let’s face it: torture might have helped

A few days ago, Leon Panetta, Director of the CIA, affirmed in an interview with NBC that waterboarding, among other “enhanced interrogation techniques”, provided the necessary information to go after Osama bin Laden. Although this is the only moment in … Continue reading

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I am not happy for your death, Osama bin Laden

This morning I woke up with the announcement of your death. After a whole decade of chase, you had finally been caught somewhere in Pakistan in an operation whose specific details are still unknown. The reactions couldn´t have been more … Continue reading

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